Reusable Makeup Remover Cloths

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Making your own reusable makeup remover cloths is a great way to not only save your wallet but also save the environment. It only takes a few supplies and a couple minutes to make your own reusable makeup remover cloths.

Reusable Makeup Remover Cloths

Reusable Makeup Remover Cloths

A while back I got inspired by this book about zero waste living and decided to try making a few changes in my life to reduce the amount of trash I produce. One thing I usually use daily is disposable cotton face pads to clean my face. You can get a 100 pack from Target for pretty cheap, but you throw them away after one use and you have to keep re-buying them. At one point when I ran out of cotton pads, I decided to try my hand at making my own reusable face pads.

To make the reusable face cloths, you’ll need one or two large microfiber cloths. I ended up making around 30 individual cleaning cloths, but you can definitely make less if you’re willing to wash them more often.

I took two very large microfiber cloths and lined them up on top of each other. Then I cut them into four equal vertical strips, and took each cut strip and cut that into four approximately equal-sized squares. I had about 32 squares at the end, and each one was a few inches wide and long, so it was still a substantial-sized cloth to clean my face with.

Microfiber cloths are supposed to be good for your skin, and all you need is a little bit of toner (I use witch hazel usually) or face wash and clean your face gently, and then wash and wring out the cloth after using it (or you can pop them into your laundry hamper and wash them in the washer… haven’t personally tried that yet though).


My Favorite Frugal Makeup Remover

Commercial makeup removers can get quite pricey for a tiny little bottle that’s mostly water. Instead, here’s my favorite frugal makeup remover that also happens to be natural.

My Favorite Frugal Makeup Remover

The best frugal makeup remover for removing regular makeup is witch hazel! I use that on my reusable makeup remover pads or a round cotton pad and it works great. You could also use a large cotton ball or a Kleenex in a pinch (but those kind of start to disintegrate…) or a washcloth to be totally eco-friendly. If you have eye makeup or waterproof makeup you want to remove, just use a swipe of coconut oil and that takes off the makeup like magic (it can get a little messy though, but you can rub the coconut oil into your skin as moisturizer afterward).

One bottle of witch hazel lasts a really long time if you’re just using it to clean your face. I think I’ve been working on the same bottle for the last year and I’ve only used about a third of it haha. And you can get cotton pads for just a few dollars at Target or another store, which works out to just pennies each.

Although I sometimes have a bit of adult acne going on (womp womp), this seems to be pretty gentle and neutral for my face. It doesn’t cause breakouts and unlike certain acne face washes, your skin doesn’t become “addicted” to it or get worse over time. I also like that it’s fairly gentle and doesn’t burn your skin.

So, all in all, witch hazel is a great way to not only remove makeup but also clean your face, and coconut oil is great as an eye makeup remover. I’m definitely not someone who could keep up with one of those eight step daily skincare regimens, so the fact that it takes me less than 30 seconds every night to clean my face is a bonus.

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