11+ Fun Homemade Slime Recipes

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Slime is a squishy fun toy / science experiment / activity you can make at home. You can make colorful slime, fluffy slime, or even glittery slime! Here are 11 fun homemade slime recipes that require just a few ingredients that you might have around the house already. There are different recipes, including slime without borax and slime without glue in case you don’t have that on hand or want to use different ingredients.

Easy DIY Slime Recipes

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This fun DIY slime project uses glitter glue, gold glitter, and a few simple ingredients to create a beautiful and magical underwater-looking DIY mermaid slime. You can make it in just minutes!

DIY Mermaid Slime

DIY Mermaid Slime

Materials Needed:

Elmer’s Glitter Glue (I used purple because I couldn’t find the blue one in stores and then dyed it with teal food coloring)
Teal Food Coloring
White Sugar Pearl Sprinkles
Gold Party Beads
Gold Glitter

DIY Galaxy Slime

I had a BLAST making this DIY galaxy slime (see what I did there? ;)) and after an initial test with dyeing white glue with paint, I decided that translucent glitter glue created a much prettier galaxy effect. Here’s how to make DIY galaxy slime!

DIY Galaxy Slime

Slime Materials:

Use three different bowls and spoons to create your blue, pink, and purple clear glitter slimes separately, and then mix together for a galaxy effect!

What kind of slime is your favorite? 🙂

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make your own DIY slime at home to play with?  Here are 15 fun DIY slime recipes for all ages, or super awesome DIY slime ideas.

Slime Materials:

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