How to Organize Your Drawers Once and For All

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Are the drawers in your home a disaster zone? When you open a drawer is it a challenge to find what you’re looking for? Disorganized drawers can be a big time waster. If you’re a victim of drawer disorganization, it’s time to clean them out and take control of your possessions again. Here’s how to organize your drawers and simple drawer organizing ideas.

Simple Drawer Organizing Ideas

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How to Organize Your Drawers Once and For All

Here’s how to discover the joy of organizing your drawers:

Organize drawers: Don’t take on too many drawers at a time.

If all of your drawers are disorganized, trying to tackle them all in a day is going to be overwhelming and you may end up doing nothing. Resolve to clean one drawer each day until you’ve completed the task. Begin in a single room and gradually move around your house until you’ve organized each set of drawers. Imagine how good you’ll feel when the job is completed!

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Organize drawers: Give each drawer a purpose

Each drawer should have a specific designation and purpose with like items grouped together in a logical fashion. This will make it easier to find an item when you need it and will help you avoid the temptation to toss an item in the first drawer you see. Try to be as specific as you can. For example, if you have several spice drawers in your kitchen, designate one for Italian spices, one for Indian spices etc. This will simplify the task of finding an item even more.

Organize drawers: Buy supplies

You’re going to need a few supplies to get your drawers in top shape. Pay a visit to your local Walmart or Target and pick up some drawer lining paper and drawer dividers. Measure your drawers and be sure to get dividers that will fit the drawers in each room in your house. You don’t need anything expensive or fancy as long as it partitions your belongings and helps to keep them separated.

Organize drawers: Remove everything

To begin the process of cleaning a drawer, take everything out and lay it on the counter. Vacuum up any debris and clean the drawer thoroughly. The drawer should be completely clean and empty when you complete this task.

Organize drawers: Prepare the infrastructure

Now you’re ready to give your drawers the infrastructure needed to keep you super organized and help save time. Begin by lining each drawer with drawer lining paper. Not only will this protect the drawer, it’ll help to keep items from getting tossed around every time you open it. Once the lining is in, lay down an appropriate drawer divider.

Organize drawers: Prepare your belongings

Now it’s time to assess what you want to put in your drawers and what you want to toss. Be honest. Do you really need to keep those packages of business cards and matchbooks from restaurants you visited five years or those assorted knick knacks that have no purpose? If you haven’t used them in the last six months and have no real purpose for them, send them to the trash can. It feels good to eliminate clutter and make a fresh start. For the items you plan to keep, clean each one with a warm, damp cloth and place it into an appropriate section of your drawer dividers making sure items are grouped in a logical manner. Admire your work before shutting the drawer. You’ll be able to find what you’re looking for the next time you open that drawer.

Once you’ve organized each drawer in this manner, set up a regular schedule for maintenance. Maintenance can be as simple as removing the dividers and vacuuming up any dirt or debris. Before adding anything new to a drawer, ask yourself if you really need to keep the item and if it there’s an appropriate slot for it. Don’t make the mistake of adding an odd item to your logically designed drawer system. Does it feel good to have organized drawers?

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