How to Draw a Vampire

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Learn how to draw a vampire in a cartoon style.  Now you can draw fun characters and animals like this cartoon vampire, just in time for Halloween. Learn how to draw a vampire with our easy step by step guide.

How to Draw a Vampire

Cartooning is a stylized type of drawing that is fun for all ages and is easy to learn. You can draw almost anything with just a few basic shapes!

Drawing a vampire is a great activity for kids, and you can also use our vampire drawing tutorial as vampire coloring pages or Halloween coloring pages to print out, or you can color in your own vampire drawing when you’re done like we’ve done here.

This cartooning guide was drawn by my talented dad.

How to Draw a Vampire

1. Start with a triangle

Draw a Vampire Step 1

Start your vampire drawing in light pencil with an upside down triangle as a guideline.

2. Add a half circle to the bottom

Draw a Vampire Step 2

Draw an overlapping half circle at the bottom of the upside down triangle.

3. Add waves to the half circle

Draw a Vampire Step 3

Add some wavy scallop shapes to the bottom of the half circle for the vampire’s cape.

4. Add an x in the middle

Draw a Vampire Step 4

Draw a rounded X shape in the middle of the triangle and half circle as a guideline for the cape details. Also erase the bottom line of the half circle so you only have the wave line.

5. Add half circles to the side of the triangle

Draw a Vampire Step 5

Add two ear-like shapes to the side of the triangle. These are actually part of the cape and not the ears.

6. Add a circle to the X

Draw a Vampire Step 6

Add a small circle to the middle of the X you previously drew for a cape detail.

7. Outline the cape

Draw a Vampire Step 7

Go back with a pen or marker over the pencil drawing and outline where the cape is.

8. Draw a face outline

Draw a Vampire Step 8

Draw the outline of the vampire’s face within the triangle. It is basically a rounded heart with two pointy ears on either side.

9. Reoutline the face

Draw a Vampire Step 9

Draw over the face shape with a thicker marker or pen and erase any unnecessary lines.

10. Add hair and pants

Draw a Vampire Step 10

Add some legs and shoes under the vampire’s shirt and add a few lines for hair, using the triangle as a guideline.

How to Draw a Vampire

11. Add facial features

Draw a Vampire Step 11

Add two small ovals for eyes and a rounded heart as a guideline for the eyebrows and mouth.

12. Detail the face and reoutline

Finished vampire drawing without color

Detail in the eyes, eyebrows, and mouth with fangs. Then erase any extra guidelines and reoutline everything with thicker lines.

13. Finish by coloring your vampire

Finished vampire drawing with color

For more drawing practice, check out this drawing book!

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