How to Make DIY Dry Shampoo for Pennies

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Especially in the summer months, hair can get limp and greasy after a few hours even if you wash it every day. Keep the greasies away with a homemade DIY dry shampoo! Store bought dry shampoo usually comes in a spray and works pretty well, but it can run you $10-20 for a bottle.

How to Make Dry Shampoo for Pennies

This dry shampoo only costs pennies to make per application and works just as well, if not better than the spray stuff. 🙂 It might cost you about the same as a bottle of regular dry shampoo to buy the supplies initially, but you’ll pretty much only have to buy this stuff one time and you’ll be set for a VERY long time and many, many applications.

How to Make Dry Shampoo

All you need is corn starch and cocoa powder! I filled a travel shampoo bottle almost all the way with corn starch (baby powder will also work but looks a little dusty in your hair) and added a spoonful of cocoa powder because I have brown hair (use more or less depending on your hair color). I believe you can use cinnamon or cayenne pepper for red hair, and just corn starch for blonde hair. Then shake it all together (or mix before you pour it into a container for a more even mixture) and you’re done!

Supplies Needed:

Then to use this dry shampoo you just squeeze out a little all over your scalp, wait a minute, and then brush it through. It may look a little chalky, so just brush it out more or massage it into your scalp with your fingertips. Or use more cocoa powder for it to blend better. Done!

(Note: when I say cocoa powder I mean actual unsweetened cocoa powder for baking. Don’t use Nesquik or something as a substitute on your hair haha otherwise you’re going to attract bugs because of the sugar).

Glass Jar Version: How to Make Natural Dry Shampoo

Do you want a way to freshen up your hair without resorting to expensive aerosols full of chemicals? Here’s how to make natural dry shampoo.

How to Make Natural Dry Shampoo

Here’s what you need:

– Cornstarch
– Cocoa powder for brown hair or cinnamon or nutmeg for red hair
– Small glass container with lid
– Kabuki or blush brush to apply it

First I filled my glass jar most of the way with cornstarch. Then, because I have medium brown hair, I added little bits of cocoa powder at a time, stirring it with a chopstick, until it was a light brown color. Because this will absorb into your hair, it doesn’t need to be your exact color – it’s better if it’s mostly corn starch with just a little of the “coloring” depending on how dark or light your hair is.

Then to apply it you can dip in your brush, tap off the excess, and lightly brush it into your scalp or whatever areas need the dry shampoo.


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