How to Open Pistachios the Easy Way

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Last night I discovered the most life-changing life hack ever – how to open pistachios without resorting to a sledgehammer or worse. Here’s how to open stubborn pistachios the easy way (or for all your pistachios).

How to Open Pistachios the Easy Way

How to Open Pistachios the Easy Way

Pistachios are a delicious nut when they’re easy to open, but they are evil little minions once you get down to the bottom of the bag and all that’s left are the most stubborn, evil pistachios that give you blisters on both thumbs trying to open them (not even kidding. It once took me a week to open a jar of pickles though, so it’s really no surprise).

Ok, so here’s how to open the pistachios that are only open a little crack. Note: this will not work for pistachios that are fully closed. Unfortunately you will have to use your jackhammer for those. This will work for normal, open pistachios too, but usually you can just open those without any trouble.

You know how the only thing that can cut through diamonds are other diamonds? (Or a diamond-tipped blade, etc). PISTACHIOS ARE THE SAME WAY. You must use pistachios to open pistachios.

So, find a nice-looking pistachio with a little crack in it. Now take one of the shells from an easier pistachio you’ve already opened (one half of the shell, anyway). Poke the end of the pistachio shell into the crack of your unopened pistachio and twist to the side. You may need to try twisting in both directions to see which is easier. This will (hopefully) effortlessly crack open your stubborn pistachio and give you the delicious pistachio meat inside.

Success! If you’re still having trouble, you can try twisting either lower in the crack or higher in the crack to see which is easier. You can also try a different used shell to find one that has a fairly pointy end.

Good luck!

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