Frugal Alternatives to Cable to Save Money

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If you’ve spent any time reading blog posts about how to save money, you’ve probably heard the suggestion to cut cable. You can easily save over $1000 a year by getting rid of cable. Well, what do you watch if you don’t pay for cable tv anymore? Here are my favorite frugal alternatives to cable to save money.

The Best Money Saving Alternatives to Cable

Frugal Alternatives to Cable to Save Money

My two personal favorites cable alternatives are Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. There are lots of other options too, and new ones popping up every day, but I find Netflix is a great deal at just $10 a month (I pay for the 2 screen option and share it with my family), and Amazon Prime is something I would want to pay for anyway for the free shipping, especially since I don’t drive a car, and the fact that videos and movies are included is just a bonus.

Did you know you can get a free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime to see if you like it first?  You get access to free 2-day shipping, their Prime Video library, and a bunch more. 🙂

You can also find lots of free entertainment on Youtube (Jenna Marbles, Epic Meal Time, etc!), and I pay $10 a month for unlimited ad-free music with Spotify.

So if you include the $99 a year for Prime divided monthly (although I use that mostly for the free two-day shipping and not as much for the videos), I spend less than $30 a month on entertainment. A regular cable package could set you back over $100 a month! And really, are you watching $100 worth of TV every month? (If you are, there are more productive hobbies out there ;)).

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I did a free trial of Hulu Plus and although they have some good shows like the Bachelor, I was not a big fan because not only do you have to pay a monthly subscription, there are also lots of annoying commercials. Not cool. I like to pay for the privilege of NOT having to watch commercials.

I also watch Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley, so I also pay for a subscription of HBO Now (the cable-free alternative for getting HBO online) during the few months out of the year that these shows are going on and cancel it the rest of the year. 🙂  Did you know you can also get HBO and other channels now through Amazon Prime Video as an add-on? Get HBO as a Free Trial.

Depending on where you live, sometimes you can get basic local stations for free with a tv antenna in case you want the news or something.  I’ve also used this basic antenna in my apartment.

Well, those are my favorite frugal alternatives to cable. What do you use? Have you cut the cord yet? 🙂

Cut the Cord with Cable to Save Money

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