Cream Cheese Stuffed Strawberries

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Cream cheese stuffed strawberries are an impressive-looking dessert that’s great to serve on a decorative platter at a party for a fancy finger food for guests.  This strawberry dessert is simple to make too!

Cream Cheese Stuffed Strawberries

Cream cheese strawberries can be either an appetizer or a dessert, depending on your party or occasion. I had these at a birthday years and years ago along with a table of other snacks, bowls of chips and candy (hey, I was young!), etc. They’re sweet because of the cream cheese sugar mixture in them, but they’re also *somewhat* healthy because of the fresh fruit. Better than a chocolate cake, anyway. 😉

You only need three ingredients and a little effort. If you wanted to make them fancier, you could also dip one end in chocolate and make chocolate dipped cream cheese strawberries for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or a gift for someone’s special day.

How to Make Cream Cheese Stuffed Strawberries

Cream cheese strawberries

You Will Need:

  • Strawberries, cored, with leaves cut off
  • Equal parts cream cheese
  • Equal parts confectioner’s sugar

These berries look great but are simple to make. It’ll look like you spent hours preparing them!

In a large bowl, combine about equal amounts of confectioner’s sugar and softened cream cheese.

Scoop the well-combined mixture into a pastry bag (or a large plastic bag with one of the corners cut off).

Clean each strawberry, cut off the leaves and bottom, and core them. Place each strawberry bottom side down and cut an X about half an inch deep in the top of each one.

Pipe the cream cheese mixture into the top of each strawberry, working from the bottom of the slit to the top, making sure they don’t overflow too much. Enjoy!

Serve on a pretty serving platter, in a spiral arrangement, or in a decorative bowl or plate.

Finished cream cheese stuffed strawberries

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