The One Frugal Homemade Cleaner to Rule them All

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I’m not a very domestic person. I’ve probably disappointed my mother and grandmother, but in the meantime I’ll continue microwaving my food and doing the laundry only when I run out of clean underwear. 🙂  Here is a frugal homemade cleaner, or a DIY homemade all purpose cleaner.

The One Frugal Homemade Cleaner to Rule Them All

The One Frugal Homemade Cleaner to Rule them All

As for cleaning things, I recently discovered a super frugal and effective homemade cleaner that takes almost no time to make, smells great, and cleans very well. And it means I never have to buy a real cleaning product. Hooray!  Here’s my frugal homemade cleaner.

The secret? White vinegar and orange peels.

What you do is buy a bottle of white vinegar and an orange. Get a small bottle so it’s easier to use, around 16 oz for under a $1, and a regular orange (probably also under $1).

Pour out a little of the vinegar to make room for the orange peels. If you want to be really thrifty and save the vinegar you pour out, you can. Otherwise you can pour it down the drain to make it smell good. Maybe about half an inch or so.

Then cut the orange in half and squeeze out the juice from one or both halves. Depends on how much you want to mask the vinegar smell (because oranges smell GOOD!). Then you can break up the remaining peel into little chunks and poke them into the bottle.

I ended up using just half the orange (juice and peel) and made the other half into a shot of orange juice later.

Then to use your new cleaner, just get a washcloth or rag and pour a little out just to dampen your cloth. You don’t need a ton.

Congrats! You just made a great-smelling all natural cleaner for under $2 that will last for a bajillion uses. And you can use it for countertops, cleaning the sink, the stove, windows, mirrors, etc. Basically anything and everything.

It actually makes me WANT to clean things. How scary.

DIY Homemade All Purpose Cleaner

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