The Best Websites for Free Stuff

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One fun frugal thing to do is to go on websites for free stuff and have a treasure hunt looking for awesome free things.  I’ve used websites for free stuff to get everything from free contact solution to bags of free cat food and more.  Here are the best websites for free stuff.

The Best Websites for Free Stuff

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I started getting free samples and things because of my mom and now we both collect freebies. 🙂 There are a lot of websites out there that claim to have free stuff, but not all of them are legit, so these are the best websites for free stuff that I’ve found so far.

Often times you’ll have to fill out a short form for each company with your address and email address, etc, and I’d recommend you create a separate email address just for free samples because you’ll end up getting a lot of spammy emails (you can usually unsubscribe though).

The Best Websites for Free Stuff

  1. Sweet Free Stuff– this one is great especially for free samples and freebies from companies.  I’ve used this one to find many free things and gotten lots of little free things in the mail 🙂 (You have to sign up for each thing individually).
  2. Free Stuff Finder– this site is great for finding things that are free for a special occasion or with coupons.  Extreme couponers would love this one because they show you how to get things for free by stacking coupons, or other great product discounts.
  3. Craigslist– to find free stuff on Craigslist, just pick your city and then choose the Free category.  You can get lots of free stuff on here, especially old furniture and things. Just be mindful of safety.
  4. Freecycle– this site is like Craigslist but it’s only for free stuff.  There’s lots of free things on here and it’s organized by city.
  5. Plus: You can also save money by getting cash back for free on things you buy through Ebates!  If you were going to buy things online anyway, it’s like getting free money.

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Free Audiobooks:

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Good luck and have fun finding free stuff!

Websites for Free Stuff

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