DIY Unicorn Bath Bombs

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If you love using bath fizzies or bath bombs, then you’ll love these DIY unicorn bath bombs! They’re pink and blue swirls with rainbow sprinkles on top for extra unicorn magical-ness. 😉

DIY Unicorn Bath Bombs

DIY Unicorn Bath Bombs


  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1/2 cup citric acid
  • 1/2 cup corn starch
  • About 2-3 teaspoons of oil (I used olive oil, but coconut oil or almond oil are good too!)
  • Small spray bottle of water
  • A few drops essential oils
  • A few drops food coloring or soap dye (too much and you’ll dye your hands, your bathtub, and the skin of every person you’ve ever loved…)

First gather your materials.  If you’re going to do the swirled unicorn colors like in the pictures, then you’ll need a few bowls to let you mix the ingredients and then separate them to dye them separate colors. You’ll also need some measuring cups and mixing spoons or spatulas, and bath bomb molds or a muffin tin.

Ingredients for unicorn bath bombs

First add your baking soda to a large mixing bowl.

Add baking soda to a large mixing bowl

Next add your citric acid. I bought this on Amazon because I couldn’t find it in stores, but allegedly it can sometimes be found with canning supplies.

Although there are different bath bombs out there that don’t use citric acid, in this particular recipe it’s necessary for the ingredients to stick together and your bath bomb to actually fizz in the bathtub. Otherwise it won’t work.

Adding citric acid to the mixing bowl

Then add your corn starch.

Adding corn starch to the mixture

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly, ensuring there aren’t any chunks. The better blended your ingredients, the better they will form into the right shape in the molds and not break apart.

Mixing the ingredients together

Next you can add a few spoonfuls of oil for your skin (since this is going in a bath), essential oils for scent and wellness benefits (I used Sweet Orange essential oil), and food coloring if desired. I originally tried to add the food coloring first to the oil to try to combine it all together instead of putting the food coloring straight into the dry ingredients, but it didn’t mix with the oil well. It was fine to put the food coloring directly into the powdered ingredients as long as you’re not adding too many liquids, otherwise the citric acid will start fizzing.

Measuring out olive oil and wet ingredients

Split your dry ingredients into two mixing bowls and then add the liquid ingredients, using pink food coloring for one bowl and blue for the other.

Dying the mixtures into blue and pink bowls separately

It might form little chunky clumps at first, but keep stirring and smashing the liquid parts into the powder until it is well combined. I also added some rainbow sprinkles at this point for the unicorn effect, but those will definitely end up all over my tub. 🙂 I also added more food coloring after this picture.

Adding sprinkles to the bath bombs

Get out your spritz bottle of water. Mine was more of a fine misting bottle so I had to spray it quite a few times to dampen the mixture, but if you’re using a bigger spray bottle then you might not need as many sprays in order to get enough water mixed in. Don’t spray too much or the citric acid will start fizzing. Just mix in enough water that you get the texture of damp sand. The water will also slightly darken the colors you used before.

Spraying water slowly onto the mixtures
Packing the mixture into a bath bomb mold

If you have bath bomb molds, start packing in the mixture, alternating pink and blue in a swirly layered pattern. I saved this plastic mold from a bath bomb I bought from Da Bomb (it was the packaging it came in, but it makes a nice mold too).

Fill one half of the mold and then the other, then press them together. My two halves actually didn’t end up sticking together, probably because this was a bit overpacked and the mixture will actually expand as it dries. I also put more sprinkles at the bottom of one half of the mold first so there would be rainbow sprinkles on top of my bath bomb. 🙂

Adding the second half of the bath bomb mold

Since I only had one of the plastic molds, I put the remaining mixture into the 6 cup muffin tin and it actually worked really well. It’s a non-stick pan and I didn’t have much trouble popping them out of the molds afterward either (I inverted the pan after a few hours and whacked the bottoms of the pan).

Putting more of the bath bomb mixture into a muffin tin

Let your bath bombs dry for a few hours or overnight, and then take them out of the molds. Once they’re out of the molds, it’s best to let them continue to dry for a full day. These can be a little bit crumbly, especially if you decide to add sprinkles. 🙂

The finished and dried bath bombs

My pretty little unicorns!

A pile of unicorn bath bombs

I stored them in this glass jar because I liked being able to see all the colors. I will probably keep this in a cupboard or anywhere that’s NOT humid (aka not the bathroom), otherwise the water in the air will get to them and make them all fizz up before you can actually use them.

A jar full of bath bombs

Good luck!

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