4 Ingredient Tofu Marinade

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This 4 ingredient tofu marinade is super simple and takes only minutes to whip up! It’s a nice, general marinade and sauce that you can use over tofu on its own or even over a bed of rice noodles. I even snacked on the sauced tofu straight out of the bag when I was making it. ?

All you need for this tofu marinade is 4 basic ingredients, plus of course your tofu.

4 Ingredient Easy Tofu Marinade

4 Ingredient Tofu Marinade

What you need:

Block of extra firm tofu
– For the marinade…
– Barbecue sauce
– Teriyaki sauce
Garlic powder
Italian seasoning (or similar)

To prepare the tofu, drain the water, squeeze it between paper towels, and then chop it into cubes.

For the marinade, get out a quart-sized plastic bag and combine about equal parts teriyaki and barbecue sauce, then add a few dashes of garlic powder and Italian seasoning. Then just squish it together in the bag, add your tofu, close it up, and gently squish the tofu through the sauce. ?

(I wouldn’t recommend the specific teriyaki sauce in the back of the picture because it’s full of sesame seeds!  But normal teriyaki sauce works better).

If you want to eat this right away, you can use the sauce with it, or I’ve made this before and left it overnight in the fridge and then the tofu absorbs more of the flavor of the marinade (but I still like to keep use some of the sauce in whatever dish I’m making).

My favorite way to use this (besides eating it straight out of the bag ;)) is to pour the sauced tofu over cooked rice noodles and veggies for an Asian-inspired dish. You can eat it cold or warmed up (I just microwave it, of course haha).

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