16 Uses for Used Coffee Grounds and Coffee Filters to Reuse and Recycle

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Wondering if there’s a way to upcycle your used coffee grounds instead of just throwing them in the trash? Here are 16 money saving uses for used coffee grounds and coffee filters to reuse and recycle!

Money Saving Uses for Coffee Grounds

16 Money Saving Uses for Used Coffee Grounds to Reuse and Recycle

1. Mix coffee grounds with coconut oil to create a body scrub
2. Create a coffee sugar scrub
3. Use them in your garden
4. Add them to your compost
5. Use them in the garden to keep away slugs
6. Use it in a jar to deodorize
7. Rub them on your hands after chopping garlic to get rid of the smell
8. Scrub on skin to fight cellulite
9. Exfoliate your skin
10. Massage into your hair in the shower before shampooing to get rid of hair product build-up
11. Make exfoliating homemade soap
12. Put them in a bowl in the fridge to absorb odors naturally
13. Dye paper light brown for an aged look (good for crafts)
14. Add to marinades when cooking for a nice flavor booster
15. Sprinkle around to deter ants (but they do attract worms)
16. Make coffee candles

Got extra coffee filters lying around but you don’t drink much or any coffee? Here are 15 money saving uses for coffee filters you probably haven’t thought of.

Alternative Uses for Coffee Filters

15 Money Saving Uses for Coffee Filters You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

1. Create flower paper crafts
2. Paint them with pretty watercolors
3. Clean mirrors with no streaks.
4. Layer them between china or plates to keep them stacked safely
5. Dust things in your home
6. Use instead of an oil blotting sheet for your face
7. Clean your tv screen
8. Put them over leftovers in the microwave to prevent splattering
9. Fill with baking soda or pot pourri and tie closed to create an air freshener
10. Grease your pans with butter or oil without getting your hands messy
11. Easy disposable bowls for small snacks
12. Use as a spoon rest in the kitchen when cooking
13. Put them at the bottom of flower pots to prevent soil from going through the drain hole
14. Poke it through your popsicle stick at the bottom to catch drips before they reach your hand.
15. Use as a substitute paper towel

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