10 Small Bathroom Organizing Hacks

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Got a small bathroom space but lots of stuff?  Besides decluttering unnecessary items, here are 10 small bathroom organizing hacks to best utilize the available storage space you have.

Got a small bathroom space but lots of stuff? Besides decluttering unnecessary items, here are 10 small bathroom organizing hacks to best utilize the available storage space you have.

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10 Small Bathroom Organizing Hacks

To start, I always recommending making use of your vertical space for organizing things. In my current apartment, I don’t really have any bathroom counter space except for right along the edge of the bathroom sink, so I got creative. 🙂

In this case, I purchased an over the toilet storage rack that I use for holding linens like towels and bins of toiletries.

Bathroom organizing ideas

On the top shelf I have a few extra bath towels and hand towels folded up along with a little Dollar Store basket of washcloths. I previously kept these with my sheets and blankets, but it makes more sense in the bathroom and it makes it super easy to switch out your towels often.

Towel organizing ideas

On the next shelf I have a few see through Dollar Store bins filled with toiletries and things like contact lenses, Q-tips, nail supplies, etc. Anything I wouldn’t mind having out in the open haha.

Toiletry organizing ideas

On the side I actually put this over-the-door metal hook to hang my towel right next to the shower. I got a 6 pack of these metal hooks and depending on which end you use, you can either fit them over a door or over a smaller cabinet door and have a convenient, apartment-friendly hook anywhere!

Towel organizing idea

In the shower I would recommend some kind of over-the-shower head organizer like this one to store your shampoo, conditioner, body wash or soap bar, and more within easy reach.

At the moment I actually have NOTHING along the edges of my bathtub (ok, there’s one body wash there that I’m using up), which makes everything look super neat and clean 🙂 (not to mention the fact that it’s easy to wipe down the whole tub and sides with a single Lysol wipe if I need to… there’s nothing to move around or to secretly develop weird mildew underneath).

Over the shower head organizer

On the small amount of counter space I have, besides hand soap and a drinking glass, I have a makeup cup full of brushes and extra eyeliners and mascaras, plus a body spray.

Makeup organizing idea

On the other side of the counter I have my regular makeup bag. These are my go-to products I use whenever I do my makeup, things like powder, concealer, lip balm, eyeliner, and more. I also have a few makeup products in there at the moment that I’m trying to use up (they’re not my favorites, but it would feel wasteful to declutter them by throwing them away).

Makeup bag organizing

Then in the cabinet under the bathroom sink, I use the inside of both doors for more storage. On one side, I have this handy little Command Hook shower organizer that I’m using to store my daily toiletries. Even though it’s supposed to be for the shower, it totally works here too and it came with water-resistant adhesive strips, which is good for a bathroom anyway.

Bathroom toiletries organizing

Here I just keep things like a tooth brush and toothpaste, contact solution, face wash, and more.

On the other side I have this cool little over-the-cabinet-door organizer to store some makeup palettes and my jar of homemade dry shampoo.

Makeup organizer
Under the sink organizing

Finally, in the space under the sink I have a couple storage bins full of more stuff like mouthwash, a hair dryer, etc, and several extra rolls of toilet paper.

Good luck with your organizing!

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