20+ Best Home Organization Products You Need

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Sometimes DIY organizing solutions are very effective, but other times it’s super helpful to actually have some organizing products you never thought of to organize a particular area in your house.  Here are our 20+ best home organization products to organize your entire home and finally keep the mess away!

Sometimes DIY organizing solutions are very effective, but other times it's super helpful to actually have a very specific product to organize a particular area in your house. Here are 12 products to organize your entire home and finally keep the mess away!

20+ Must-Have Home Organization Products

Vertical organizing bins

1. Vertical Closet Organizers

When it comes to organizing small spaces, I’m all about maximizing your use of vertical space.  In the case of closets, you can make so much more room just by storing things vertically in a hanging organizer like this one.  I use mine to fill it with bulky sweaters and sometimes shoes.

Fabric storage organizer cubes

2. Fabric Storage Organizer Cubes

I’ve used storage organizer cubes like this all the way from college up until apartment living now, and they’re so useful for storing things without looking cluttered (just hide things away in a bin ;)) and they’re fabric and can collapse down if you aren’t using them. There’s also some patterned options and a variety of colors for decorative storage bins.

Storage organizer

3. Storage Organizer Cubes

If you have enough room for it, I love using storage shelves with baskets like this because they fit nicely, you can keep a bunch of storage bins in one place, and it gives you more storage on top OR extra spaces to put decorative items like pictures or candles so it’s more like a pretty piece of home decor rather than an organizing eyesore. 🙂

Over-the-door shoe organizer

4. Over-the-Door Shoe Organizers

Over the door shoe organizers can be used to organize more than just shoes! I just one from Target to organize cleaning supplies in my “cleaning closet.”

Pot and pan cookware racks

5. Pot and Pan Cookware Racks

To move to some kitchen organization products, sometimes storing items in a different direction than normally can actually make a better use of your space. Try organizing your pots and pans or cutting boards with these vertical storage racks.

Underbed storage bins

6. Underbed Storage Bins

When I needed a new bed, I purposefully got a bed frame that’s 14 inches high so there’s plenty of storage room underneath to make use of bedroom organization products (and room for my cat to sleep or hide haha). Keep your items neat and tidy by storing them in a plastic bin under your bed.

Over the showerhead organizer

7. Over the Showerhead Organizer

If you want to keep your bathtub clutter-free, get one of these over the shower head organizers to keep your shampoo, conditioner, and other shower items close at hand.

Mop and broom holder

8. Mop and Broom Holder

Keep all your mops, brooms, and other cleaning gadgets in one handy place with this wall hanger. It also saves floor space!

Command Hooks

9. Command Hooks

What organizing product collection would be complete without some Command Hooks? 🙂 Available in different sizes and materials, Command Hooks attach to your wall with a strong removable adhesive strip so they’re an apartment-friendly organizing product.

Command caddy organizer

10. Command Caddy Organizer

Although this Command shower caddy organizer is meant for the shower (it has waterproof adhesive), I actually use it on the inside of one of my bathroom cabinets to organize toiletries. It’s the perfect size for little things like face cleaner, your toothbrush and toothpaste, Q-tips, contact solution, and more.

Under sink shelf organizer rack

11. Under Sink Shelf Organizer Rack

The best way to maximize the space under sinks is to take advantage of the vertical height by adding some shelves, like these specific under sink shelf organizers that have an opening in the middle for the pipes to go through.

Over the cabinet door organizer

12. Over the Cabinet Door Organizer

Finally, you can use some over the cabinet door organizers to fit in a few small cutting boards or pans on the inside of your cabinets. It hooks over the cabinet door and leaves no holes!

Farmhouse Storage and Organizing Products

If you’re looking for some storage or organizing items that can double as modern farmhouse decor that would make Joanna Gaines on Fixer Upper proud, look no further. Here are 10 farmhouse storage and organizing products.

Farmhouse Wall Mounted Cabinet

Farmhouse wall mounted cabinet

This cute farmhouse style wall cabinet has doors that look like barn doors.

Farmhouse Utensil Crock

Farmhouse utensil crock

Decorate your farmhouse-style kitchen with this bright red rooster utensil crock for holding mixing spoons, whisks, and other kitchen gadgets you want close at hand.

Rustic Wall Mounted Coat Rack

Rustic wall mounted coat rack

This rustic wooden wall mounted coat rack is perfect to hang in the entrance or mudroom of your house and can hold multiple coats and bags while also staying with the farmhouse style.

Metal All Flatware Caddy

Metal all flatware caddy

This metal caddy is perfect for storing utensils in the kitchen or other items like bottles of oil and vinegar.

Wicker 3 Piece Nesting Baskets

Wicker 3 piece nesting baskets

These wicker nesting baskets would be a rustic addition to your living room and offer storage for small blankets or other items while also decorating your space with rustic style decor.

Steel Medium Storage Basket

Steel medium storage basket

These wire storage basket offers a metallic pop to your room but also maintains a farmhouse style for storage.

Galvanized Steel Underbed Storage

Galvanized steel underbed storage

Modern Farmhouse Decorative Ladder

Modern farmhouse decorative ladder

Barnwood Shoe Storage Bench

Barnwood shoe storage bench

Modern Farmhouse Storage Bench

Modern farmhouse storage bench

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