Spooky Homemade Halloween Cocktails

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If you’re having a Halloween party this year, try out some of these spooky homemade Halloween cocktails!  You can make them with or without alcohol depending on your preferences by simply leaving out the alcohol or substituting another beverage to mix in.  These black, purple, and orange cocktails are a perfect drink for your Halloween party.

Spooky Homemade Halloween Cocktails

Spooky Easy Halloween Cocktails (With or Without Alcohol) | Halloween Cocktail ldeas

Halloween cocktail ingredients

Here are the ingredients I used to make these homemade Halloween cocktails.  I used vodka in these cocktails and the red wine for a different Halloween drink, but you could simply leave out the alcohol if you want to make these kid-friendly.


  • Grape, purple colored drink mix
  • Orange colored drink mix
  • Sunkist or another clear orange beverage
  • Halloween-themed straws
  • Vodka or other clear alcohol (optional)

I also had apple cider sitting out separately in case anyone wanted some.

I gathered up my glasses and mason jars and started by dipping the rims in water and then swirling them in a shallow bowl of sugar to create sugar rims.

Next, I poured Sunkist and about a shot of vodka into a third of the glasses.

I used the grape drink mix for another third of the drinks (it’s hard to see the difference between those and the black drinks, but the ones on the far right are supposed to be purple).

Finally, I mixed the purple and orange colored drink powders together (heavier on the purple) and some Sunkist to create the “black” Halloween cocktails on the left.

Purple, black, and orange Halloween cocktails

Add some cute Halloween straws and you’re done!

Cute Halloween drinks wtih straws

Happy Halloween!

In addition to homemade Halloween cocktails, making drinks that look like fake blood in test tubes can be a fun addition to the food table at your Halloween party.  Here’s how to make a fake blood Halloween drink in test tubes.

How to Make a Fake Blood Halloween Drink

How to Make a Fake Blood Halloween Drink in Test Tubes

For this, I used some fake Halloween-themed test tubes and filled them with red moscato and a squirt of strawberry red gel icing inside for a “dripping texture” inside and more gross-looking detail.  But if you want a non-alcoholic Halloween drink,, you can switch out the wine with any red soda or Hawaiian punch.


Here’s how my fake blood test tube shots turned out:

Fake blood Halloween test tubes

Vodka gummy worms are a delicious adult treat perfect for Halloween parties.  Here’s how to make vodka gummy worms for Halloween.

How to Make Vodka Gummy Worms for Halloween

You will need:

It’s super easy to make vodka gummy worms! (Or vodka gummy bears – both work well and are delicious ;)).  Grab your glass or ceramic bowl, pour in the desired amount of gummy worms, and pour in vodka until the worms are completely covered, then put into the fridge.

At this point, all you have to do is wait.  The longer you wait, the better results you’ll get.  I’ve done this a couple times and I think I waited a few DAYS for the vodka to soak in.  If you wait too long (like weeks), the worms might start dissolving.

Vodka gummy worms

Can you do this an hour before a party?  You can try, but the gummy worms won’t have much time to absorb the vodka so you won’t really get the desired (boozy) effects.  Of course, you could just create general Halloween cocktails and have a regular gummy worm hanging over the edge of the glass for a spooky festive look in a time crunch.

The longer the worms have to soak, the more vodka they will absorb and the more they will expand.  You also might have some gummy worm-flavored vodka left in the bottom of the bowl when you’re done (VERY strongly flavored, but technically could be used for shots).

Although these are delicious and taste like candy, they are very potent. 🙂  You have been warned.

Good luck!

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