23 Random Ways to Save Money

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There are lots and lots of different ways to save money if you look at each area of your life and figure out how to shave costs. Here are 23 random ways to save money so you have lots of options to pick from. Pick ONE way to save money and implement it today!

Random Ways to Save Money

The great thing about these ways to save money is that many of them also help the environment, too. 🙂

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23 Random Ways to Save Money

  1. Drink tap water instead of paying for bottled.  You can use a filter if you’re concerned about the quality.
  2. Take public transportation.
  3. Walk places.
  4. Bring reusable grocery bags to the store.
  5. Make meals at home.
  6. Use Netflix or Amazon Prime video  instead of cable.
  7. Turn off the air conditioner during the summer and instead keep your windows open at night to cool down the house and use small fans during the day.
  8. In the winter, bundle up with sweaters and blankets instead of turning on the heat.
  9. Use your things as long as possible.
  10. Repair things instead of replacing them if possible.
  11. Make coffee at home.  Check out our post about How to Make Fancy Coffee Drinks at Home for Cheap.
  12. Stop impulse spending.
  13. Borrow books and media from the library.
  14. Buy used or shop at thrift stores.
  15. Go to the park or somewhere free for entertainment.
  16. Do beauty treatments and facials at home.
  17. Paint your own nails and toes.
  18. “Shop” your own closet to find clothes you haven’t worn in a long time to give them new life.
  19. Add different accessories to your outfits to switch up your look without buying new clothes.
  20. Save money by getting cash back for free on things you buy through Ebates!
  21. Use cheap staples like rice and pasta as the main base of your meals.
  22. Save money on pets with tips from our blog post.
  23. Make your own homemade cleaning supplies.

Which ways to save money are you going to use?

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